Gay VR Porn: You shouldn’t have dropped the soap

It’s early days for VR sex still, but it’s surprising how little gay VR porn content has been released.┬áReddit user Ascii_Yo decided to take things into their own hands with this prison scene, depicting rape in the communal showers. Entitled “You shouldn’t have dropped the soap”, you can find a download link from Mega in this Reddit thread.

The scale seems to be a bit off both for yourself and the guy raping you, but I’m sure that’s an easy fix. Unfortunately, the developer’s harddrive apparently crashed and they’re now working on something else: bigger, and better, no doubt.

Press 1 and 2 to switch POV, though the receiving end is definitely better.

If this is the kind of thing you’d like to see more of, do the developer a favour and just let them know that you appreciate the efforts. The community is small enough as it is, and it’s these kind of experiences that will help us to move forward and expand. Personally, I’d like to see more female POV content: it’s obviously possible to add a quick toggle into basic fixed camera demos that switch between playing as either the guy or the girl.

Perhaps the wider question here is: how do you feel about a VR experience that depicts rape?

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  1. If VR rape stops people from committing the real thing, then I’m all for it. Simple as that for me.

    Trisk / Reply
    • You can’t assume though that there is either a positive or negative relation between people viewing a depiction and them acting it out. Rape is an act where at least one individual does not explicitly consent to the activity going on. Depicting an action means that there is complete consent, so even if people may be offended, there is nothing inherently harmful with that. But just like violent video games and violence, while it is incredibly difficult to do both things at the same time (meaning it’s likely no one’s shooting someone at the time they are playing a video game), you can’t assume that during the time before or after they were playing, they will shoot someone. It’s much more likely that their actions are based on other factors, so claiming viewing depictions is a deterrent is not really a valid argument for justifying its prevalence.

      Jongie / (in reply to Trisk) Reply

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