Yiffalicious, a Furry VR Sex Simulator (In Development)

Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for: virtual horse cocks. Yiffalicious (from the word Yiff) is a no-bullshit furry VR sex simulator currently in development, and it looks incredible. Planned features include:

  • Model marketplace for importing and selling your furry character creations
  • Interaction editor, so you can design your own poses and short movies, then publish them for all to enjoy.
  • Enjoy interactions from the point of view of either character (perfect for VR) as well as third person perspective.
  • Procedural animations, so you can tweak it exactly how you want and not rely on a limited number of preset animations.
  • Facial expressions, something often overlooked or badly done in 3D games.

It’s an exciting list of features, and with model imports it’s not hard to imagine the engine could potentially be expanded to cover non-furry interactions too. Clearly, this isn’t going to be the killer VR porn app for everyone, but it’s precisely this kind of niche content that makes VR porn such an exciting opportunity.

Sadly, there’s no demo to download and VR support is promised at a later date after the main app has launched. Still, if you head over to Patreon and show your support with as little as $3/month, they might be more inclined to prioritize a working VR demo. 

Furry sex not your thing? Check out VR Titties, a similar project with character designer for regular human sex (and a downloadable demo).

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  1. this is awesome!!!

    great guy / Reply
  2. Looks Awesome! although not as good as it could be… (Might be)….

    Prince / Reply
  3. Fucking gross

    Nobody important / Reply

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