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Less than a week after the Novint Falcon went viral for it’s alternative use as a virtual sex toy, has popped onto the radar – readying themselves to provide a real, working implementation and teledildonics API. Not only will they build the right attachments, they’re also hoping you’ll interface with your remote or even virtual partner through the web API. You can head over there now and sign up for beta access when it opens next year.

The hardware isn’t new, though there are plans to interface with other current and future sex toys with a simple interface. Of note is the inclusion of one-to-many broadcast system; as well as being used for one-on-one intimate remote connections between members of the social network, you could in theory be a part of a more communal synchronised session, with many participants experiencing the same sensations being played out by one central character.

Beyond the basic implementation of virtual and remote sex, you can imagine an extreme cyberpunk vision of the future: a teen heartthrob takes centre stage, thrusting in time to music as a million fans worldwide are simultaneously on the receiving end of his virtual motions. A One Direction virtual sex session, anyone?

I remain sceptical though – while their Twitter account has been active for quite some time, the video popped up a few days after the world went mad for the the first unofficial use of the Novint Falcon, and I’m fairly certain the website was thrown together overnight. It’s quite possible they’re just trying to ride the wave of popularity. Their Angel List pitch claims to have:

Fully patented, licensed, and unique to FriXion; our most advanced peripherals use real-time bidirectional force feedback telemetry, and can be configured for any gender or orientation.

The only thing we’ve seen resembling “real-time bidirectional force feedback” is the Novint peripheral, which is neither unique nor patented to Frixion; their video makes no reference to it either, so it does come across as trying to pass the technology off as their own. I would love to be wrong on this, though.




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  1. We have the falcon is (exclusively) licensed for teledildonics, and the application for measuring and reflecting telemetry motion relative to genitalia is patented.

    Seth / Reply
    • I’ll take your word for that Seth – thanks for the clarification there. We’d love to help with promotion once there’s something ready for public release.

      James / (in reply to Seth) Reply

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