Japanese Developer Adds Positional Tracking to Sex Doll

Taken by YouTube user zeroyon01 at the annual OcuFes (Oculus Festival) held in Tokyo, this video of the tentatively named “Space Battleship Girlfriend” takes VR hentai to a whole new level, by cleverly positioning a mobile phone inside an inflatable sex doll. The VR character then moves in time with his motions, and can be repositioned however the user wants. Check out the small screen in the top left to see the magic happen.

Try as I might though, I can’t find an official link or even any mention of it on the OcuFes demo listing, so don’t get your hopes up of downloading this thing and squeezing your iPhone into an inflatable virtual schoolgirl just yet.

However, I did get utterly distracted, and ended wandering across this virtual girlfriend tooth brushing simulator instead, which is, umm… I’m genuinely lost for words on that one. The creator has named it “I want to brush a girl’s teeth in VR”. Who said Japanese people lack creativity?

vr toothbrush sim


It is of course, a reference to the anime series Nisemonogatari, a highly contentious anime that many say overdid the fanservice, particularly when it comes to the sexualization of younger characters.

Back on topic though, if you do manage to find a link or guide to get this positional tracking sex doll thing working, I’d love to hear about it.


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