New Yunalus VR Porn Demo with Hydra and Leap Motion

yunalus-teaser have quietly released another teaser featuring Yunalus, this time by way of their YouTube channel, and not a playable demo. The video translates roughly as:

We invite you to the 3d environment with the appearance of “virtual device”
It feels like you’re really there
With this high tech device
Of course you can look from underneath too!
Breasts changed matched with hand movements!

The video shows positional tracking with a Hydra, and when used with the Leap Motion, it shows the girls breasts being enlarged with a gesture. That’s certainly a novel use, I guess.

Finally, the creators mention “OcuFes” (Oculus Festival) a meetup hosted in a Burger cafĂ© in Akihabara, Tokyo where you can try out the Yunalus demos and meet with fellow Otaku. There’s also a list of some other Japanese Rift demos to download on that page.


Clearly, there’s nothing solid yet – this is just another tech demo with the creators toying around. Would they actually release a VR porn game that required the Hydra, Leap Motion, Oculus Rift *and* no doubt a penis controller? Doubtful.

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