Custom Maid 3D Oculus Rift Patch Available For All *


Around this time last year we reported on the first decent hentai game to receive the Rift treatment – Custom Maid 3D. Unfortunately, the game was entirely in Japanese, only available within Japan or through outrageously expensive import channels, and only if you purchased the additional hardware (a penis controller, now discontinued and hence even more expensive than it was on import the first time around).

Now, a kindly soul has seen it to it that the files are patched with English dialog, Oculus Rift mode enabled without the additional hardware, and available for anyone to download through the joy of torrents (scroll down for the links).

Now that we’ve had a chance to play it, here’s the deal: your uncle owns a hostess club, and he’s given you a maid to play with and train as you wish (she’s actually a childhood friend who had a secret crush, so she’s been keeping herself chaste for you). The game has 4 basic modes. First, a design and cosplay area where you can change outfits and attributes like hair or eyes. Second is the dance stage – the basic game includes 4 songs that your customized girl will dance to. Third is conversation mode, where your dialog choices can affect the skills or locations available to you in the fourth mode – the playroom – you’ll need to this mode to unlock areas. The playroom is the core of the game where the real action happens. Before each scene, you create a play menu from the catalogue of currently available positions. Once you’ve made your selection, you hit play, and the scene begins. There’s a limited amount of interaction during the scenes, essentially boiling down to “move on”, “slow” and “fast”. Certain acts will change your maid’s attribute points, and at some point, more rooms become available, more acts are unlocked (SM actions in the dungeon, for instance).

Playing On The Rift

Download the main game here, and the additional mods here – all credit and thanks go to TPB user nanametpb.

Before you try to run the game – Rift mode or otherwise – you’ll need to set your system locale to Japanese. In game, you can fly around with WASD, rotate with QE, as well as the standard head tracking and mouselook.

The menus can be quite difficult to read off to the side, so I would suggest getting a feel for the game without the Rift, first.

If you appreciate the anime style, you’ll love this game – Custom Maid 3D Oculus Rift is the most polished hentai sex experience available, and far better than any of the current western releases with their goofy looking 10-polygon characters. Which makes it all the more sad that the company behind it – – wants absolute nothing to do with English speaking countries.

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