Bandai Namco Teases VR Schoolgirl Game for PS4 Morpheus with “Summer Lesson”


Bandai Namco knows what’s up. Despite no solid release date for Project Morpheus, they’ve released teaser footage during the pre-TGS Sony conference with more details and a playable VR schoolgirl demo promised at the Tokyo Game Show later this year. It should be noted that this may only be a technology demo, and may not actually flesh out into a full game.

As far as gameplay footage goes, the renders are incredible, so I have high hopes for this. What do we know so far though? The Japanese voiceover is scant in details, but here’s what I can tell you

  • The developer starts by talking about the Morpheus in general, explaining that “you have to try it to believe it”.
  • The player is in the environment and the in-game character is aware of them.
  • The game will be focussed around communication, probably simple interactions such as the yes/no dialog you can see in the video.
  • He only talks about the bedroom environment, but says they’re focussed on making it really feel like you’re there.
  • There’ll be “lots of interesting characters to interact with”, so presumably not all schoolgirls then – but this might also be interpreted as “depending on the user settings, she can take on the role of many different personalities”.
  • At the end, the girl says “Let’s go on a trip this Summer holiday”.

Although not explicitly spelt out in the video, it seems this will be some kind of classic dating sim – let’s hope it sees a worldwide release or at least an easy import. Here’s to Japan for taking VR where it really wants to go!




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